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We Can't Do This Alone!

  • We would not be able to do all the things we do without our many volunteers. Some of our most loyal and long-serving volunteers are acknowledged below.

  • Joanne Keller: Greeter and wrist tag person; an original from 1996. 

  • Thea Kreinik: Has handled volunteer signups for the tailgate for many years. Fantastically creative with her comments from the stands, too :) 

  • Brandon Riggs: Longtime tailgate worker, loves to get you a beer.

  • Scott Stadtmueller:  Longtime tailgate worker. Dedicated to hydration, always carries his own mug :) 

  • Mike and Tove Anderson: Longtime tailgate workers (and our indispensable recycling people)

  • Michael Tokarchick: Writes most of the Inside the Box emails that keep us informed of the latest.

  • Karen Kirkwood: A veteran of our buffets at RFK Stadiumand also a stalwart behind the Conservation Center bar. 

  • Anne Morton: Also a veteran of our buffets at RFK, and helps with sandwiches at the Conservation Center.

  • Thanks to ALL our volunteers!!!


You don’t have to volunteer at every match, but having a reliable cadre of volunteers is the only way the SEs can provide that pre-game and in-game experience that you know and love. If you're interested, send an email to to volunteer, and thank you!

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