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Now What?

After 4 games, DCU sit smack in the middle of the Eastern Conference. 6 points out of 12 isn't exactly how I envisioned the start of the season... but it's still early. Do not panic! (yet)

Looking back on Saturday... I don't want to re-hash points that every other DCU website makes. We looked good in the first half, and very average the second.

The positive: we did create some good chances from the run of play. Our cohesion up front looked better. We looked a lot better with Canouse on the field.

The negative: our attackers need to be better. One of the most frustrating moments for me came in the 70th minute when Gressel sent a cross into Flores, who seemed to pull away from the contested ball. He looked timid; just as the whole front has thus far this season. I would've loved to have seen him lunge to put his foot through the ball there.. even if that means some contact with the keeper. The aggression, that killer instinct, just isn't there. You can see it in the highlights if you'd like to see what I'm referring to. Looking forward: It looks like Taxi will be arriving, and will be available within ~3 weeks. Seeing as though the NYCFC match has been postponed, the timing of his Visa approval works out well, as he'll only miss one game. That said, he may not play much in his first few appearances in order to get acclimatized to MLS and a new country; however, he is a much needed and welcome reinforcement. I'll be interested to see where he lines up. It may take some time for Losada to figure that out as well. Coming out of the break, we have Atlanta at home. Definitely a tough game... but I think a result is achievable; especially now that Canouse is back and healthy. Plus, we don't have a match the following week, so not much need for fitness management. A result heading into the Taxi debut would be huge for morale.

Looking back on the first few results now - they seem a little better; especially Cincy away. Chicago seems like they might be a legit contender as well. It could be better... it could be worse. At this point I'm not too opinionated either way. At least we haven't dug ourselves a hole that we need to climb out of. I still think this could be a playoff team. For the next week, I'll be immersed in all things USMNT... probably to an unhealthy extent. Let's pray that World Cup 2022 is on our horizon. See you in a few weeks.


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