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Our House in the Middle of D.C.!

​​Celebration of a New Home!

So many firsts and so many deserving thanks to pass along from all the opening day festivities.

While all are still buzzing about the onslaught of attacking firepower unleashed before the assembled masses and volunteers are busy recovering from all the heavy lifting, we wanted to focus on one moment amidst all the hoopla.

For years at our old stomping grounds at RFK Stadium we opened every match (and often to celebrate a goal) by raising a giant banner of the team's iconic black home jersey overhead at midfield.

This epic event deserved something more than a mere jersey to mark the occasion. It required a display that celebrated the achievement of reaching a goal after so many years.

Long suffering futbol fans finally have a home in D.C. to call our own and we are ready to shout it from the rooftops (or in this case, the supporters' North stand)!

"Our House in the Middle of D.C.!"

Special Night for Young Artist

One young fan perched high in the upper reaches of the North Stands watched with intense interest as the cooling breeze wafted by and the banner slowly unfurled and began its ascent.

As the Black and Red display was passed by hundreds of helping hands up the rows towards him, you could see him begin beaming with pride.

For it was his artwork emblazoned on the massive canvas for all to see.

WOW! Talk about a moment to cherish for a kid who literally grew up supporting the team even before he could kick a ball. This electric event topped so many other memorable times following D.C. United.

What could make more of an impact than taking shots with Freddy Adu on Nick Rimando after reserve matches at the auxiliary field?

Being tossed a game worn jersey by a player after a victory over the Revs on a roadtrip to Foxboro?

Holding the flag during one of the big international matches?

Even high-fiving every incarnation of Talon through the years?

How about witnessing your work on the big stage before a historic victory at your team's new home!!

What a Process!

It was not exactly a simple journey to get to that magical moment high above the energized crowd.

On numerous occasions the youngster had created artwork for signs at Lot 8 tailgates and viewing parties and even small tifo for both home and away matches, but this was entirely different.

A first attempt - "The Heat is On" - with its stylized eagle in repose with a flaming ball was deemed as a little too abstract for the occasion.

Keep it simple and easily discernible for fans viewing from across the stadium. Incorporate the District in some fashion. Have a message that will resonate.

* * *

So it was back to the drawing board.

After spending some time checking out all the raptors with which the Earth Conservation Corps' work, not to mention the talismanic mascot Talon for inspiration, a much more easily identifiable bird was created with a base of the monumental skyline of the Nation's Capital.

Next was the inclusion of a phrase from one of the easiest chants to remember to highlight the victory of finally getting a home of our own after all these years.

"Our House"

So fans of all feathers can now flock to Audi Field in the middle of D.C. and look forward to many more historic nights for the Black and Red!

Vamos United!

Onward and Upward!

So, if a kid can do it - so can you! There will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer ideas, artwork and any number of ways to help put tifo up for the team this season.

Email if you want to help with tifo, creating chants, drumming or leading cheers.

The matches are coming up fast and furious - so plan to tailgate with us at our new fabulous location! But please don't wait until the last moment to sign up as a member and enjoy all the benefits, just join us now.

Have Audi Field seating questions? Ask our terrific Ticketmistress at

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All are Welcome!

Our Team. Each Other. Our Community.

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