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New DP: Baby Birnbaum!

Let's Send 'em Back to Cali

The weather's warming up and the boys are back in town - let's do this! The ever-dangerous Carlos Vela and his California squad are coming to town this weekend...will you be ready?

D.C. United vs LAFC

Saturday, April 2 | 3 pm | TV: FOX

Supporters' Sections are SOLD OUT

Grab seats for the midweek Montreal Match

Our tailgate will be in full swing starting at 11 am, so please be sure to join us before the match. Want to volunteer? Sign up!

This match will have quite the TV audience, so be sure to wear team colors (we'd like to think you're doing that anyway), and pack the Supporters' Section well before the action starts. Let's show 'em how it's done!

* * *

Good news: we still have a few season-long parking spots available through our partnership with local housing community Syphax Gardens! This is one of the lots closest to the stadium, with easy access to Gates B and C. Just $400 and you're set for the season (and post-season).

Syphax Gardens resident volunteers will supervise the lot on game days to keep an eye on your vehicle. The best part is that you'll be helping local residents, as your funds will go directly back into Syphax Gardens itself!

Interested? Let us know ASAP!

Local Stars Shining Bright

​​We're absolutely thrilled to share the news that our non-profit partner DC SCORES has announced United's own Bill Hamid and the Washington Spirit's Joanna Lohman as new ambassadors! Both pros are locals deeply devoted to the community - we couldn't think of a better fit.

* * *

​​You can say hello to Jo yourself next week, and see some of D.C.'s most exciting young artists hit the stage!

​​Don't miss out on this amazing evening of original spoken word performances featuring some of DC SCORES most talented young poet-athletes! Want a preview? Check out last years' performance on Amazon Prime.

DC SCORES Presents Our Words Our City

Thursday, April 11

Reception 6-7 pm | Performances begin at 7 pm

Studio Theatre

1501 14th Street Northwest

Washington, DC 20005

Tickets: $40 - all proceeds support DC SCORES

Wayne Rooney Did WHAT?!

​​Yep. He sure did. We almost feel sorry for Orlando's goalkeeper. After Dom Dwyer's bizarre and ugly attempt at a tackle on United's captain handed Wayne Rooney a free kick, he reminded all opposing teams why they should never do that. Technically, the goal wasn't an Olimpico, since it was not actually a corner kick. "Technically" can go kick rocks.

Wazza's gorgeous goal was preceded by a quality set piece assist to Steven Birnbaum, who used his head to start scoring off for the night. Birnbaum then surprised everyone with a post-goal celebration announcing that he and his wife Jeanne are expecting their first child!

When interviewed by FOX Sports' Katie Witham after the match, Steve said that while he expected his lovely lady to be a bit peeved by his abrupt approach to spreading the news, "I don't score much, so I had to do it!" We send our congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple, as well as to new goalkeeper Chris Seitz, who recently announced that he and his wife are expecting a child in July.

* * *

​​In news we are decidedly less thrilled about, defender Joseph Mora sustained both a concussion and a jaw fracture on Sunday, courtesy of Orlando right back Ruan.

According to United, Mora had successful surgery Monday to repair part of his right mandible, which was broken into at least three pieces. But really, that wasn't a foul. Uh-huh.

The good news: Mora is expected to return to training in May!

Next: United vs. LAFC, Saturday at 3 pm. VAMOS!

It's Tailgate Time!

​​Interested in partying at our tailgates? Come hang out! Our ever-friendly volunteers will be happy to show you the ropes. Plus, after every home match, you join us for a beer (or two) and some quality pizza at All-Purpose Capital Riverfront.

We're recruiting volunteers for our next two tailgates on the 6th and the 9th...the more, the merrier!

Have an great tifo idea you're dying to share? Let us know! And if you haven't yet, don't forget to join us!

Keep up with us on social media for the latest on our events, as well as links to interesting soccer news and articles. We're on Facebook, Twitter, and IG.

Our Team. Each Other. Our Community.

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