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Step Right Up!

The Board


Jimi Butler



Jimi joined the Screaming Eagles in 2007, and for our away games, he is one of the most traveled SEs of all time. He has been our Road Trips coordinator ("King of the Road") since 2009, and continues to perform that role in addition to being our President.


Laurie Gonzalez

Vice President

Laurie has been a long-time dedicated member of the Screaming Eagles, joining the club in 2016. She is a fixture at tailgates, in the supporters stands and on road trips. She also is an active volunteer with DC SCORES and will take any opportunity to tell you what an amazing non-profit it is! Laurie loves to meet new people, so if you see her at a tailgate please don't hesitate to go up and say hello! :)

Nicole Dec 2023b.jpg

Nicole Gara


Nicole has been a member of the Screaming Eagles since 1996 and is one of the founding board members. She is best known as the SE Ticket Mistress, having sold thousands of match tickets to folks who want to enjoy the supporters’ experience. “I thought I would retire when the team got a new stadium,” she says, “but so many exciting projects are in the works that I can’t stop now!”

Doug SE Photo_edited.jpg

Doug Norfleet



Doug became a D.C. United fan after moving to the District from Nashville in 2018. Given that his first year of fandom included signing Wayne Rooney, Audi Field's grand opening, and a home playoff game, his expectations will forever be through the roof. He is here to crunch numbers and count beans for the Eagles. 

Please don't tell Doug that Nashville has a team now. Maybe he won't notice?


Jean Kasner

Director-at-Large; Membership Maven


Jean has been a United supporter since 2006, and a member of the Screaming Eagles since 2016. She is appreciative of the close friendships she has made since joining SE, and enjoys being a member of the Screaming Eagles family.

One of Jean's many favorite D.C. United memories is her first match in the Nest at RFK, which coincided with David Beckham's first MLS game. She was immediately hooked on the passionate, rowdy environment, and has been known to get pretty loud at matches herself!


Scott Stadtmueller

Director-at-Large; Tailgate Poo-bah


Scott has been a United supporter for many years, and a longtime stalwart at tailgates at both RFK and our new tailgate home at the Matthew Henson Earth Conservation Center. 


Mike Anderson



Mike has supported DC for many years. He has helped with tailgates and recycling at our Conservation Center tailgate home. 

Not the Board

(but we couldn't do this without them)

David Goodwin, Outreach Director

One of the original members of the Screaming Eagles, David has served the club in many areas, including  several terms as president. Community outreach has always been one of his major interests and we count on him to organize our volunteer efforts to help our neighbors in the DMV.

Jim Shine, Webservant

Jim has held season tickets for DC since 1997 (he missed the first year due to back surgery) and has been a Screaming Eagle since 2003. He is a veteran of many road trips and has inherited the maintenance of this website from its creator, Danielle Lafave. 

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