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We Can't Do This Alone!

"You're more than a fan...You're someone that walks these streets every single day. You interact with your community every single day. How do you make your community better? How do you make the people around you better?" - Megan Rapinoe 


The Screaming Eagles is an incorporated non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. All of the people who help the club have full-time jobs and family obligations, but still find the time to lend a hand – once in a while or on a regular basis. Nonetheless, people get new jobs, folks move away, babies are born, and we do need others to step up. So please, join us! Email us at

What can YOU do?

Uncle Talon wants you!

  • Tifo: Always wanted to design and/or construct tifo displays? Like painting things? Now’s your chance.
    We also need volunteers who are willing to host tifo creation parties at their home or office.

  • Cheers: Have an idea for a song or chant you’ve been kicking around? Help us write new cheers for the
    new season!

  • North Stands Crew: Lead cheers, distribute and collect flags, take a turn banging the drum, and help ensure a safe and welcoming environment for fellow members.

  • Tailgates: Our tailgate team could always use a hand! Help set up, clean up, or help out in between. You can man (or woman) the entrance tables, sell merch, pour beverages, and more. Click here to volunteer for a tailgate.

  • Social Media Team: Help us take over the world via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Viewing Parties: Help organize watch parties, act as an official host, answer questions from attendees, or help renew memberships/sell merch.

  • Merchandising: If you have a killer idea for a new scarf or T-shirt, we’d love to hear it - help design and market new Screaming Eagles gear.

  • Outreach: As highlighted by our partnership with DC SCORES, community support is more important to the Screaming Eagles than ever. Whether through toy drives for kids in need or providing volunteers for after-school soccer programs, there’s plenty to be done! If you’d like to be a part of our Outreach team, we’d be delighted to have you.

  • Road Trips: Help our King of the Road organize bus trips, and/or take charge on one of the buses. Ensure that our presence at away games is felt wherever we go!

  • Video Editing: If you’ve got a knack for making and editing video content, we could use your skill set.

  • Ticketing: Learn how ticket sales are handled, help us master the ins and outs of digital ticketing, and give our Ticket Mistress an occasional break. Goodness knows she deserves it.

  • Sales: Handle membership applications or sell merchandise at home games and events.

  • Website: Want to tackle analysis of the most recent game, or care to expound on the pros and cons of pro/rel? Have a great idea for an article? We’d love to bring back our blog, and we need content.

Have an idea for something else we could be doing?  Let us know that, too.

You don’t have to volunteer at every match, but having a reliable cadre of volunteers is the only way the SEs can provide that pre-game and in-game experience that you know and love. If you're interested, send an email to to volunteer, and thank you!

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