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Loud and Rowdy

The North Stands at Audi Field (section 136) are a general admission supporters' section; there are no assigned seats. This section is also known to Screaming Eagles as The Nest, a term dating back to our days at RFK. Everyone is welcome, but you will be expected to join us in standing, singing, waving flags, and generally supporting the team for a full 90+ minutes. It's what we're known for, and it's tons of fun! If you don't know our cheers, don't worry - they're easy enough to learn. Follow the chants and drumming, and peruse our song sheet here


If you're looking for a slightly less intense fan experience than the stands offer, and/or if you'd prefer to sit during the the match, we suggest purchasing one of our tickets in section 135 (Nest Lite) adjacent to the supporters' section (similar raucous atmosphere but with assigned seating).

We do have a few guidelines for those joining us in this supporters' section:

  • Participate. 90 minutes. No exceptions. If you don’t know a song, ask the folks around you!

  • Wave your flags when the ball is out of play. Speaking of flags, our flags and banners belong to the Screaming Eagles, so please leave them in your seat after the game or have them passed down to the front of the section.

  • No opposition fans. If you happen to be a fan of that night’s opposition, we’re sure you’re a nice person when you aren’t cheering for your inferior soccer team - but the north stands are not for you. Please go elsewhere. You are, however, more than welcome at our tailgates!

  • Neutral fans, especially friends of members, are welcome. We’ll convert you!

  • Do not throw things onto the field.

  • All fans are expected to abide by the Major League Soccer Fan Code of Conduct.

Single game tickets are available at! Tickets are limited and go fast, so order early. If our store is sold out, try Ticketmaster: choose the game you're looking for, and when the stadium map appears, select seats in section 136 (or 135 if you prefer a reserved seat).

With that said...please come join us! We're always looking to add to our numbers, and you'll have fun, rain or shine!

Screaming Eagles in The Nest
Screaming Eagles cheering in The Nest
Screaming Eagles in The Nest
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