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Let's Play!

WANTED: D.C. United Supporters who want to play soccer! All skill levels welcome; no experience required. Contact us today!

Screaming Eagles FC (SEFC) had its genesis in 1996, shortly after the springtime beginnings of D.C. United. We launched with the enthusiastic support of the Screaming Eagles’ very first President and founder, Matt Mathai!

It all began with pickup games. With the introduction of a new professional soccer team in D.C. again, we couldn’t get enough soccer simply by attending United matches. As a perk for club members, we began scheduling pickup games once a week in Arlington. The matches soon became so popular that we had more players than we had space on teams, so a third team was started, and round-robin play begun.

Screaming Eagles FC Richmond

This progressed to the next level of organization; around 1997 we formed the first official SEFC team, one that played in a “winter league” in Fairfax County. Have you ever played in the snow? We did!

We built on that winter league success by registering a team to participate in the Washington International Soccer League (WISL). Founded in 1980, the league holds games primarily in the District of Columbia, with some matches in Maryland and Virginia. After our first WISL season, interest in the team grew, providing us with enough Screaming Eagles to add a second team. After a couple of seasons, we decided the time was ripe to move one of our teams to a neighboring jurisdiction. We also created another WISL team, one for members 35 and up.

Screaming Eagles FC Richmond

The creation of SEFC was not merely about providing another benefit to our members, but also served to promote D.C. United as an organization, and to help make members of the soccer community aware of the Screaming Eagles as a supporters’ group. We’re pleased that this approach has made an impact, as at least one opposing team has welcomed us to the pitch with the well-known “D.C UNITED!” cheer. It was a sight to behold!

At our peak we had half a dozen teams, including two women’s teams in the Washington Area Women’s Soccer League. Currently, there is one SEFC team in Montgomery County, MD, and there are several men’s SEFC teams in Richmond, VA. If you’re interested in joining an existing team, or in helping to start up a new one in the DMV, let us know!

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