#DCxSE: Let Me Sum Up

Our new limited edition collection launched September 7th at Maketto. Screaming Eagles and their guests met and mingled with Steven Birnbaum, Lloyd Sam, and Luciano Acosta (all players featured in the collection), as well as Coach Ben Olsen. National Women's Soccer League players Joanna Lohman and Estelle Johnson from the Washington Spirit also joined the fun; both are proud members of Athlete Ally.


Guests had the opportunity to be the first to purchase items from the line, which they did in droves. We greatly appreciate all those who came out to support our club, the team, and most importantly, the message of inclusion: All Welcome. All United. Our thanks to MLS, D.C. United, and Heineken for sponsoring this event - it was quite the party!

DCxSE: Maketto Launch

DCxSE: Maketto Launch

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