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Back 2 Back Clean Sheets!

Can you believe it?! Way back in the beginning of the year we said that this defense might be bad.. and holy crap has it been bad. But the last 2 games have given us hope once more. Hope for what? I don't know.. maybe for a better year defensively next year.

There have been a few games now where DCU has looked like they know what they're doing under Rooney. Nothing spectacular, but at least they look like a team with a plan - and seem organized, with an idea of how to execute a gameplan.

Are we still bad? Yes. But at least we've had a hint of life in the last 3 games. Don't look now but we're 3 games unbeaten! With SKC up next, it should absolutely be 4... but I've seen enough of this team to know that might not happen.

Let's highlight 2 of our top defensive performers from the last 2 clean sheets.

Pines: Looks like an absolute beast over the last 2 games. His size, strength, and speed gives him the possibility to be a VERY good MLS player. Consistency seems to be his biggest problem. Hopefulyl regular playing time during the end of this season will give him that confidence and experience to be the leader on the back line next season. He looks freakin good.

Ochoa: Unbelievable game against RSL. What a difference a solid keeper makes. As much as everyone loves Bill.. Ochoa seems a bit faster with his reactions and more agile. Nothing against Bill.. but I do really like the look of our new guy here.

We've given up 59 goals this year... only 2 back from San Jose. This is already more than we gave up in 2021, which was also abysmal. So hopefully with these two young guns, we can rebuild something better.

As far as the RSL game goes... not much to say, other than that we were compact, and stuck to our gameplan for 90 minutes. I'll write a separate blog about our 15 year old.

I was in Salt Lake for the weekend, and I have to admit it was an awesome city. First time there and it was absolutely beautiful. I did see Djeffal and Benteke on Main Street downtown on Thursday... both in full training kit, socks and all. Not sure what other American sport you would ever see that.. two players in full uniform on the busiest street of a major city.. just hanging out. Pretty hilarious moment when we went up to say hi. They definitely did not expect to see any DC fans.


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