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Just finished watching the first leg of the CCL Final, and

I don't care about either of these teams and I'm sweating. That was maybe the most CONCACAF thing I've ever seen. Everything from the crazy rain, the terrible field, the weird stadium, and the 3 VAR penalties...... complete madness.

I'm surprised how surprised I am. It's like when you go to a haunted house knowing someone is going to jump out at you; then someone jumps out at you and you're still scared.

Just when you thought the Sounders GK saved that penalty.. BAM, nope. Overturned and a Pumas goal.

Then just as you think Seattle have settled for a 2-1 loss.. BAM, a penalty out of absolutely nothing. And what a horrible penalty to concede! Absolutely nothing in that play at all - but a clear penalty nonetheless.

Looking at the game, Pumas really didn't have any threatening moments other than their two goals. That sounds dumb to say, but both of their goals really were out of nothing. A questionable penalty and an awesome header. What a game.

I think Seattle were the better team and should win next Wednesday at home. There should be an MLS champion this year. Estimates are that Seattle will draw ~60k in attendance... that will be an awesome atmosphere. It was pretty cool to see the traveling Seattle fans in Mexico City, too. Hopefully DCU can get back there someday :)


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