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engLand reLegated

No matter how bad the the USMNT is, we don't have to worry about relegation; so the thought of a National Team being relegated is hilarious. The "home" of football (lol) - as they say... no longer in the top tier of Nations League. But hey, lets look at the bright side... fans won't have to break the bank for away days in Paris or Lisbon; they'll have some great away days in Armenia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia.... so much fun for them to look forward to.

But before they get to Nations League B, they are lucky enough to play the USA in the World Cup. I've seen a few people on Twitter call it 'El Sackico'.... and they might be right.

A lot more pressure on Southgate... but still. Both teams look really bad right now. I've never been a Berhalter fan, but this USMNT looks directionless at times. This last game against Japan is not an anomaly.

As for Southgate... I feel like he's out unless England make a big run. England fans will pretend like Nations League doesn't matter.. but make no mistake, it's embarrassing for them to be dropped down into a pool of teams whom they feel are beneath them.

Can you imagine if England lose to the USA in the World Cup? They still talk about the 1-1 draw with us as an embarrassing moment. A win for USA would be incredible.


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