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DCU Downfall Continues

Remember when Ashton said that the league was more important than the Open Cup? That postgame press conference is looking HORRIBLE right now.

Since basically tanking the Open Cup game against RBNY, DCU is 0-2-2 with a -5 goal differential (thanks Goff for the stat). We lost 3-0 to RBNY in the Open Cup playing a team that Ashton admitted, never played together before... and lost by the same goal margin to RBNY with a team that's been playing together all season. What are we doing?

It's very clear now why DCU worked so hard to get Taxi in the door early; because without Taxi, DCU might be the worst team in the league. I still think DCU has some decent quality on the pitch... things are just not coming together.

Due to the nature of MLS, DCU probably won't be out of contention for a long time... but something is going to need to change. Whether it's now (unlikely to happen), in the summer transfer window, or next offseason... there needs to be change. It seems like DCU are looking to sign a big DP... but even if we do - there are some massive holes.

I'm not even going to go into match analysis for the RBNY game... other than, I don't like those jerseys that MLS does. Also, for all of the hype surrounding the DCU v DBNY derby being on a Saturday this year... the attendance was only 13,678. Given how MLS allows teams to count tickets, it was probably less. Considering RBNY are pretty high in the table... I was surprised at the home gate. Great effort by our traveling members though! As always, represented the club well.

Onwards and upwards.

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