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Estrada Out, Benteke In. Whats the Way Ahead?

Goodbye Michael.

When DCU signed Estrada, I definitely fell for the hype. He scored a bunch of goals for Ecuador and was preparing for a World Cup… what’s not to like there? After he scored in pre-season against the Galaxy, and then got his hat trick against Charlotte, I was thinking this guy was going to be a superstar.

What happened?

I think he clearly has the finishing ability, but maybe he just doesn’t fit in our… system (?)… or had trouble adjusting to the US? I don’t know. But either way, I don’t think we can really judge him as a player while playing for this DCU team in this horrendous season (although Taxi may argue otherwise).

Losing Estrada clearly opens up a role for another striker. Hopefully Benteke has a better fate. There is already a lot written about Benteke, so I won’t cover any of that here… but I am curious about DCU’s strategy for player recruitment. Aside from Benteke’s signing, there have been several rumors about signing forwards. However, up until the last 3 games… it would seem like we are in desperate need of defenders.

Signing a defensive midfielder like Paalson is positive… but is there any thought to whether we need to try something new at the back? From day 1 could see this team was going to be hemorrhaging goals. I understand there are some very likeable players and players faithful to DCU in the back; however, at what point do you think about making changes? System failure or not.. giving up as many goals as DCU has given up the last 2 seasons is not acceptable.

I know everyone wants sexy signings and big name DPs… but where do we go from here? The FO’s statement that this is a playoff roster is so scary.


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