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Leagues Cup Round of 32

Well, the Leagues Cup knockout stages are set. Four games tomorrow (August 2), 6 games Thursday (August 3) and 6 games Friday (August 4). Surprise, surprise, surprise: Miami hosts Orlando in the first game (tomorrow at 8, no other games scheduled at that time).

DC United plays at Philly at 8pm on Thursday (one of 4 games in that time slot). Interestingly, Audi Field hosts a game at the same time: Pumas vs Queretaro, the only all-Mexican game in the round of 32. There are 20 MLS teams and 12 Liga MX teams left. Ten of the games will be MLS vs Liga MX, and 5 will be MLS vs MLS.

We'll see how the different leagues do against each other. Of course, the MLS teams are all at home.

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