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Embarrassing. The only way to describe DCU fandom right now. A proud club, a proud fanbase… being completely demoralized week after week, and seemingly year after year.

DCU fans deserve to be livid. DCU fans have earned the right to demand changes… to demand better.

How many times are the players and coaches going to apologize to the fans after the game? Sadly, those apologies mean nothing anymore.

It’s one thing for the team to have a couple of bad seasons… but what is happening right now is much deeper than a team not getting results on the pitch. And “not getting results” is probably the nicest thing I can say in this blog.

Remember when Losada got fired? What was the reasoning behind that decision? Oh yeah, that this roster was a playoff caliber team and should be higher in the table.

The meaning behind that statement is now clear;

1) The FO lied to everyone’s face and performance had nothing to do with Losada’s firing.

2) The FO has absolutely no idea what they’re doing in regards to player evaluation and football operations.

Perhaps both!

Unfortunately whatever positive reputation the FO had with the supporters has now completely collapsed. In the Chico stand you’ll see stickers that say, “no more bullshit”. The same words were chanted from the stands on Saturday.

Words have meaning. And the above words are worded that way for the reason. DCU fans feel conned, let down, and lied to. Sure some of it has to do with play on the field.. but most of it is rooted much deeper.

A football club’s relationship with its fans is one of the most important dynamics in world sport. DCU are massively failing in this department. As Derek Jeter said, ‘Loyalty one way is stupidity”.

I mean, Audi field was built in what year? And the roof still isn’t complete. What a great comparison for how this club is operating. Whether it’s a shiny new stadium, or a big name manager… behind the curtain is a raging dumpster fire.

There was a thread on Reddit on why people are still attending games.. the most common answer is that their season tickets are already paid for. And guess what? Season ticket prices are increasing for next year!


DC is a huge soccer market, so people will still continue to go to games… but I can’t help but think this ownership and FO are going to kill their most loyal fanbase continuing to operate this way. La Banda and DU already boycotted a large amount of games; and the difference in atmosphere on those occasions is noticeable.

DCU are going at high speeds in the wrong direction. It’s sad to see this club and its fans at this point.

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Marc Christopher
Marc Christopher
28 ago 2022

DCU has a chance to pick up points against Atlanta and in the last three home games. I don't know what that counts for in the scheme of things but it would be nice to see a better performance in these last few games. Players need to fight for their position in the squad next year

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