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A quick on-the-road blog.

A tired skeleton crew, a motivated and skilled opponent, and a predictable result: DC lost last night (July 30) in the Leagues Cup at home to Pumas, 3-0. The first goal somehow managed to go through two pairs of legs (Hines-Ike and Bono); the second goal was an unmarked corner; and the third goal was from a tight angle when Pines for one of the few times I've seen was outrun (two games in July in 4 days can do that). Rooney brought in the cavalry in the 60th minute, but at 3-0 the contest was over.

So now, the good news is that we are in the round of 32; the bad news is that we are scheduled to play in Philadelphia on Thursday August 3, time TBD.

Parting thought: is this tournament more than a way to show off Messi's arrival to MLS, and give Miami a clean slate to accomplish something this year?

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Marc Christopher
Marc Christopher
Jul 30, 2023

Obviously didn't like the result but it was fun to be at a match where the visiting fans were proud and present. In the future, I'd like to see the tournament spaced out more as part of the season, as you said, lots of matches im a short time when it's stupid hot/humid out. I'd also like to see some matches held in Mexico as well.


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