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Return to Earth. At Philly Next

A quick on-the-road blog.

A tired skeleton crew, a motivated and skilled opponent, and a predictable result: DC lost last night (July 30) in the Leagues Cup at home to Pumas, 3-0. The first goal somehow managed to go through two pairs of legs (Hines-Ike and Bono); the second goal was an unmarked corner; and the third goal was from a tight angle when Pines for one of the few times I've seen was outrun (two games in July in 4 days can do that). Rooney brought in the cavalry in the 60th minute, but at 3-0 the contest was over.

So now, the good news is that we are in the round of 32; the bad news is that we are scheduled to play in Philadelphia on Thursday August 3, time TBD.

Parting thought: is this tournament more than a way to show off Messi's arrival to MLS, and give Miami a clean slate to accomplish something this year?

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