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SE Lima: Remembering Your Roots

Screaming Eagle Cesar Delgado was born and raised in Lima, Peru, by three different families. He left his homeland at the age of 16 and came to the USA. Cesar still has family and friends in Lima. Some younger ones have been playing children’s soccer on an urban dirt field lit by parents’ car headlights at night. Obviously equipment (shirts, shoes, etc) are in short supply as well.

Cesar wanted to do something about this. He turned to his community in the USA for support: yard sales, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue (where he works), and his (and our) supporters club, the Screaming Eagles.

Our club donated youth-sized jerseys, scarves, and soccer balls. There is now a club of 20 children (9-14 years old) decked out in our uniforms, and able to compete in higher level Peruvian competitions which were unavailable to them before the donations.

Cesar gets emotional when talking about the children in Lima. He obviously cares a lot about them and wants to continue to help them. He hopes to continue the pipeline of donations to the kids in Lima. Cleated shoes are especially welcome, along with shin guards and goalie gloves, and donations for fees to play on turf fields are also welcome. If you want to help, look up Cesar at a tailgate, or shoot an email to (Cesar is the big one in the picture below.)

The two photos below, from late September, show the club after winning a championship. Note the DC United logos on the higher resolution second photo.

Some other photos:

These “Black and Red” jerseys were extra DC United season ticket holder jerseys that DC gave to the Screaming Eagles to help Cesar and his friends.


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