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SPFL vs MLS: Volume I. Introduction.

When I started writing for the blog, my original intent was to write a series of articles breaking down a classic argument; how does MLS compare to the Scottish Premier League?

I've followed the SPFL for the last 10 years... some of that time being physically located in Scotland. I've been to every top flight ground and some championship grounds. I've seen some amazing football and I've seen some horrendous, putrid football. I've seen romantic European nights home and away; as well as midweek rainy nights in small Scottish towns. I've also seen some incredibly funny moments; some of which are remarkably similar to events in MLS.

The reason why I'm writing this is because there's a lot of misconceptions about both leagues, from both sides of the pond. As someone who's been on both sides, I think I can give an honest take. Seeing how people have argued this topic in the past, I'm sure most might disagree with me... but at least these observations will be from someone unbiased and unaffiliated with any media from either side.

Throughout the next few months, I'll be posting a series of blogs on the topic. Hopefully I can open some minds to something different - or something that was previously unrecognized... but if nothing else, hopefully we can share some laughs and start good discussion.

That'll be it for the introduction blog.... but as a heads up, my first observation is that both leagues are sometimes hilariously similar. There are more commonalities then each side likes to think.


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