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What Did You Say About Texas?

Austin FC comes to D.C. for the first time… we welcome them with open arms, I guess?

According to, DCU has only won one game against Texas teams since 2015. Kind of a meaningless stat, considering there is no specific advantage to being a Texas team…

According to the oddsmakers, DC are slight favorites? Right now DC are -105 and Austin are +260. I don’t understand that at all. But maybe they know something that we don’t. But I’ll take the positivity.

Last match, DC actually looked pretty good. I think it was their best match of the season – particularly in the midfield. The result was heartbreaking and a little undeserved. If we can pull off the same effort, a result on Saturday is definitely within reach.

Hopefully this week off gave Durkin a little bit more time to settle in, and now we have our new DP. Welcome Taxi Fountas!

The schedule shifted in our favor, and according to Steve Goff, Taxi is available for selection on Saturday. I wouldn’t expect him to start right away; however, it shouldn’t be because of fitness. No matter what happens with Taxi this weekend (or throughout the season, really), I think it’s unfair to give him a true grade. I think both him and Estrada will need time. Estrada maybe less, because of his contract situation and his upcoming World Cup.

But as for Taxi… let’s give him time. Although I don’t think he’ll need it. Here’s to hoping Losada and the front office nailed this signing and Taxi is a tremendous success. If not…. Well, lets not talk about that.

See you Saturday.


The Nest Liner

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