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Heart of a Lion

That was the most genuine emotion that I've seen at Audi Field this year. After Fountas scored, the guy to my left ended up two rows down... the guy to my right 4 seats to his right. You wouldn't think that type of jubilation would be warranted for a team in dead last place. Let's be honest - the first half was awful.. almost unwatchable. I forget who, but someone said it seemed like DCU were playing with cement on their feet - and that is true! Going into half time it should have been at least 2-0.. and we were all thinking, "another poor performance".

At about 60 minutes, Orlando seamed to change their shape and style - and went into a more defensive shell. IMO, this was the worst thing they could have done. DCU were creating nothing, and struggled to get the ball back from Orlando in possession. Slowly DCU came back into the game, and from the 80th minute onwards.. you could feel a goal coming. Orlando spent so much effort time wasting and sitting in, that they didn't have anything left. To quote my own tweet...

Breathtaking. From my angle, I couldn't appreciate it in real time.. however, now that I've watched it back... I've watched it back about 1,000 times. Just an absolutely stunning finish to the game, and an unforgettable celebration. I'm not sure if it's because people came under the roofed sections to avoid the rain; but that stadium was LOUD tonight. Even La Banda seemed louder than normal. The official attendance was over 15,000... but I'm not so sure. For the folks that made it out in the elements... you all are what made that special. Just imagine what it will be like when we're good again.

As our friend Tim Kolb tweeted, good things generally happen in the rain with DCU. What a blast that was. The spirit is back in the fanbase for at least another week... lets keep it rolling. As Rooney said in his presser, "this is the start of the season".


The Nest Liner

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