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I Sold My Bayern Tickets

I sold my Bayern Munich tickets for a profit, and I feel great.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been subject to some shaming for selling my tickets. Mostly from people who are not season ticket holders. Before Bayern Munich, I attended every home game - including the Red Bull Open Cup debacle. But a person can only take so much.

We have been so bad - and you know what, it's time to reward ourselves. I've seen quite a few people make fun of the Front Office and social media team for hyping up the Bayern match so much... but I for one am thankful. This is the only time I've ever sold tickets above face value. At first, I felt a little bad. But then I thought about it... why shouldn't we? Season ticket holders endure a lot... with very little in return. If a Bayern Munich fan wants to see their team live, why not give them that chance while simultaneously rewarding season ticket holders? Win - Win.

The beatings continue tonight.. and we'll be back again. Maybe the new signings and buzz around Rooney will give us a spark?

See you tonight.


The Nest Liner

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