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Ian Harkes Wins POY. United Clinch Europe

DCU academy product Ian Harkes was voted Player of the Year today for Dundee United.

Although not a flashy player, he was a solid rock for United this season - who just clinched 4th spot in the Scottish Premiership, landing a birth in the qualifying rounds of the Europa Conference League. Next season, United will play their first European football in 10 years. To be the POY for a team that qualifies for Europe and finishes their highest in the league table in 10 years is indeed a great accomplishment.

There was once a time when Dundee United were one of the best clubs in the world. In 1987 they actually beat Barcelona in a European quarter final. Like many Scottish teams though, they've since had quite a far fall from grace. As somebody who's actually seen United play a lot this year.. here's a preview of their 2022 European campaign.

No worries Dundee United fans (there's obviously a lot of DC United/Dundee United fans out there reading this)... at least your team made it to Europe. Enjoy your trip to Romania or some other place. Will likely be an amazing away day if nothing else.

While I've seen Dundee United play a lot this year, I can't say that I ever really noticed Harkes. That's probably a good thing in a league where massive mistakes make headlines.

United have put up a little highlight on their Twitter of his best moments which you can search.. here's the highlight of his sweet strike against DFC in the Dundee Derby (a great underrated Derby in British football)


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