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Away Days: The Romance

One of the most sacred days on the football (soccer) calendar - the first away day of a new season. The time has come! For those of you who I haven't met; before joining Screaming Eagles the majority of my soccer fandom was in Europe. I spent significant time following my home club around the United Kingdom, and I was even lucky enough to attend some away fixtures in European competition. Whether it was beautiful Croatia, or dreadful Burnley... there's something special about each away day, each road city, and what all comes with it. For some, it's an excuse to temporarily change their surroundings and escape the monotony of home life; for others, it's a chance for adventure; for even more, it may just be about watching their team. No matter the attraction, away days are special. For me, they are the best memories and experiences that I've ever had. Away days are what makes soccer more than a game - and moreso a lifestyle. It's what transforms a fanbase into a tribe - and builds relationships beyond 90 minutes of kicking a ball.

Tomorrow morning we head out for our flight from DCA --> CVG. This will be our first true away match with a supporters club in MLS. While I don't expect it to hold quite the same romance or exotic feel of an away day in London, Edinburgh, LA, or Orlando... I couldn't be more excited. If not for the Screaming Eagles, I probably would never have visited Cincinnati in my entire life. Another pin to place on the corkboard map. From what I understand, we will have between 20-30 fans in the away section (myself included). And I have no doubt that section will be loud and colorful as ever. Doing some research on the city, I am genuinely excited to check out all of the breweries and observe FCC's famed March to the Match. Although their supporters groups have been understandably quiet on social media the last week.

Starting tomorrow I'll be posting some pictures on my Twitter @mcgillivray1903 documenting our trip.

Really excited to see some of you in Cincinnati! #VAMOS


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