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Orange Ball Ends DCU's Perfect Season

That was cold. Literally and figuratively.

The dream start to MLS season 22’ came to a listless end, in 0-2 defeat to an OKAY Chicago Fire team.

Even though Chicago were just ‘OKAY’, they were the better team. More crisp on the ball, faster passing sequences, and more organized; especially after going ahead. A nice, professional, road performance from them to be fair. But they didn’t do anything special. For me, the biggest difference was how they played and moved the ball in the midfield. Decisions on the ball were fast… one touch, two touches, playing simple triangles and playing the ball into anticipated spaces. They didn’t dominate possession; but when they had it, they took advantage of opportunity.

We didn’t see a lot of that from DCU. Not just in the midfield, but everywhere. We seemed slow on the ball and unaware of our own movements. In the final third especially, we lacked creativity – and seemed unsure of ourselves. For a home performance… disappointing.

I don’t think it’s worth calling out individual players because that was a total team loss. However, on the positive side, Djeffal played very well. I was unsure how he’d fare against Shaqiri… but he definitely held his own. Well timed tackles, and some beautiful distribution over the top. Totally deserved of his Man of the Match. Bill Hamid also outstanding again.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much it for positives from run of play. An area of the game, by the way, from which we still don’t really have a goal this season. 2 deflections and 2 PKs. We need that player that can drive forward in the central midfield and open up the defense. Without that attacking central midfielder, our talented wingers are nullified.

I don’t really know what else to say… other than, that was sort of a bad loss? But it’s still early! Next week, DCU will travel to Toronto, who is winless – 1 point out of 9 on the season. If we can take 3 points, then Supporters Shield if back on (kidding). But even with a draw, 7 out of 12 points to start the year and going into an international break aint too bad.

As much as I loved the orange ball… it’s not welcome back.

See you all in a few weeks. Be on the lookout for a pre-match Toronto blog.

The Nest Liner

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