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That Loss Makes Me Physically Ill

Writing this blog as I just got in from the match. And I am physically ill.

GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! How does that happen?!

Where to even start.

DCU were the better team for most of the 90. Durkin made an immediate impact, which surprised me if we're being honest. He looked controlled, made some really nice tackles, and distributed well. Those talents have been badly needed... and it showed.

Djeffal, again, was very very good. Excellent defensively, some nice nutmegs... and some really beautiful diagonals. Who would've thought Chris Durkin and Sofiane Djeffal would be our standouts against Atlanta United in Match 5?

Honestly, the midfield tonight was really good. I've been slagging them all season - but today they were the best they've been in 2022, hands down. It's amazing what some control in that area can do for the team. Offensively... well, we still were pretty bad. HOWEVER, Robertha had some bright moments, particularly with the ball at his feet, attacking defenders. His move in the first half down the west sideline was fantastic. A good save from Guzan is the only thing keeping that ball out of the net. Kamara? Eh. He had some nice moments in hold up play... but nothing else really. Unfortunately Yow and Flores didn't impact the game much either when they appeared. At least we seem to be improving in the midfield, because we are sort of lost up top. Still our only real goal from open play this season has come from a midfielder. I think Estrada can have an impact, though... so hoping to see him back soon. In Estrada we trust.

Defensively, we were solid. Hamid made one good save in the first half, but that was really all that was needed.... until the 94th minute. GAAAHHH!!!!! That goal... that goal was trash. A bad header, that seemed to ricochet off of a defender and just slowly roll over the line. I can stomach a good goal to beat us in the 94th minute. But that? That was the goal? After all the hard work in the midfield and defense...

Could Bill have done better? Could he have reacted faster? Idk, man... what a crap ending.

So insanely frustrating.

I guess the silver lining is that we outplayed Atlanta, and have improved a little bit. With Taxi and Estrada coming in... we could get even better?

Just thinking back on all the moments of the game - shoutout to the ref. I thought he was the best referee I've seen in my short time watching MLS. Also shoutout to all the fans. Audi field looked pretty full from my seats... definitely the highest attendance so far I would think. Although there were a lot of Atlanta fans; more than I expected. Kudos to them.

At least I'm still riding high from the USMNT qualification - so we'll hold onto that for now, and look forward to another home match in a couple of weeks. Until then, #VAMOS


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